Haiku Prompt – Pen & Muse

Haiku Prompt – Pen & Muse


craving attention

fills my pen with bloody hues

your disdain-my muse


Haiku prompt-Grief & Pine

Haiku prompt-Grief & Pine


pining for your love 

I’ve learnt a new expression

for sorrow – smiling 


Time’s Illusions

Time’s Illusions


Broken, twisted, bent out of shape

fading memories tell a strange tale…

joy projected brighter, more poignant, highlighted with a crimson pen

murky smudges drawn over with a dull veil…

see how slyly Time paints

mocking, laughing, deceiving with faulty sketches of moments now stale…

O heart take heed of Time’s Illusion

that makes the bygones gleam so bright and the ‘now’ appear so pale…