I tried so hard

And went so far

Changed strategies

Sucked life out of the tears

Jumped over despair

And scraped through the darkness

And went so far…

But here I am, yet again

Back in the perpetual loop

Walking in circles

Still trying

Trying to break the trajectory…and fly off in a tangent.

Haiku Prompt: Think & Free

Haiku Prompt: Think & Free


thinking that I’m free

let my soul fly unfettered

from thoughts chaining me

Thinking that I’m free let my soul fly unfettered.

Let my soul fly unfettered from thoughts chaining me.

Nothing at all

Nothing at all


I feel raw

Like a wound freshly scraped…sensitive to every passing breath

Moments falling like icicles…piercing the unreal silence of thoughts

Tides of time washing over me…crushing my soul

Changing seasons hurling me around…scorching, biting, bruising my mind

I feel so much…and yet…nothing at all

You took my reds and my blues…and left NOTHING AT ALL

(Inspired by ‘Virmati’ in ‘Difficult Daughters‘ by Manju Kapur)

Time’s Illusions

Time’s Illusions


Broken, twisted, bent out of shape

fading memories tell a strange tale…

joy projected brighter, more poignant, highlighted with a crimson pen

murky smudges drawn over with a dull veil…

see how slyly Time paints

mocking, laughing, deceiving with faulty sketches of moments now stale…

O heart take heed of Time’s Illusion

that makes the bygones gleam so bright and the ‘now’ appear so pale…